by Rean 7. January 2013 11:39

It's that time of year again. The Easyriders Bike Show is hopping about the country in January and February. It features hundreds of custom show and street bikes all in one place. Motorcycle industry vendors of all types also are there showing off their wares. These vendors include some of the top bike builders around. Also, there will be an original art display by David Mann, fashion shows and performances.

As an added bonus, the Sons of Anarchy star, Ryan Hurst “Opie” will be doing meet & greets at the remaining shows.

If you have a crazy cool ride, you can enter it in the bike show for a chance to win trophies, cash & prizes. The two categories are People’s Choice & Judged Class with 59 total awards. Competition categories range from Old School Choppers to Radical Custom and everything in between.

And, remember we have all the motorcycle parts and accessories you need to get your ride ready for the show.

Here are the dates and locations:

*January 12, 2013- Sacramento, CA

*January 26, 2013- Charlotte, NC

*February 2, 2013- Nashville, TN

*February 8-10, 2013- Columbus, OH

It looks like a great time. Have Fun!


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by Rean 28. November 2012 05:47

If you choose to ride your bike during the winter, several things should be considered. 

First, make sure your bike is tuned up and ready to go.  This includes adjusting air pressure in the tires.  Lowering tire pressure provides better contact with the road.  Better contact with the road surface facilitates warming of the rubber, which aids in better grip.  

Next, be informed of the weather conditions for the area and route you will be taking.  It can be dangerous to ride on snowy roads.  Be aware of hazards such as salt laden surfaces or black ice.  The salt that is laid down to melt snowy passages can be very corrosive to exposed motorcycle parts.

Another very important aspect of winter riding is investing in some quality apparel.  Cycle-Parts.com carries a wide variety of apparel that will keep you warm and toasty as the cold wind is upon you.  Consider having the following items on hand for that brisk commute or trip.

Balaclava/Facemasks - These can usually be worn under a helmet and provide much needed insulation.  Most of our heat exits from our head and feet so using something of this nature is crucial, especially in extremely cold environments.

Gloves - Although some may choose not to wear gloves when the weather is warmer, it is a good idea to don a pair when riding a motorcycle during winter.  When our hands are exposed to the cold for long periods, the muscles do not react as quickly or effectively.  Just make sure the gloves you purchase allow you to grip the handlebars without restricting your movement.

Jackets & Pants - We carry a plethora of jackets and pants that provide insulation, water resistance and armor protection.  You could also consider a heated jacket liner or heated gloves for additional warmth.

Boots & Socks - As stated earlier, most body heat leaves through the head and feet.  It is essential to preserve that heat while riding through winter weather.  Boots made especially for colder temperatures as well as specialized socks are available in our store.  Also, boot covers can be purchased that insulate and protect your current boots.  This may save some money as opposed to buying a whole new pair for the season.

Riding in the winter does not come without its risk or preparation, but if you take the time to get your bike and yourself in gear, you will enjoy riding that much more as a result.

Happy Riding and Stay Warm!

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by Rean 18. October 2012 06:39

Reduced prices on the coolest gear.  Available for a limited time so shop and save today!

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by Rean 18. October 2012 06:18

Save an additional $20 on any order over $199. Use coupon code SAVE20NOW now through Friday, October 26th.

Motorcycle Parts Coupon Code SAVE15OFF Save $15 off orders over $149

Coupon is valid for all OEM and aftermarket parts for motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s and snowmobiles.

This coupon is only available for a limited time so don't delay.  Shop today!

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by Rean 7. August 2012 09:06

Save an additional $15 on any order over $149. Use coupon code SAVEME15 now through Monday, August 13th.

Motorcycle Parts Coupon Code SAVE15OFF Save $15 off orders over $149

Coupon is valid for all OEM and aftermarket parts for motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s and snowmobiles.

This coupon is only available for a limited time so don't delay.  Shop today!

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by Rean 18. June 2012 06:13

The 72nd annual Sturgis motorcycle rally will be here soon, starting August 6th and ending August 12th. This year they are expecting more then 400,000 motorcyclists to attend the event. This area has incredible riding roads with unforgettable destinations such as Mount Rushmore, Bear Butte State Park and Devils Tower National Monument.

During the event there will be comedy shows, parades, good food, military flyovers, concerts, kids activities, bike exhibits, motorcycle parts demos and more. Concerts will be held throughout the event and will include Zac Brown Band, Shooter Jennings, Eric Church, Bad Company, Colt Ford, and Tanya Tucker.

There are several campgrounds nearby and also hotels available for great prices in neighboring towns. For more information about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally visit their website at www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com.

Honda Reveals 2013 Motorcycles

by Rean 31. May 2012 09:04

Honda has just revealed their new line of 2013 off-road motorcycles. Most of the new releases are an upgrade from their existing line.

The kids bike CRF70F was replaced with the CRF110F. This revamped bike features an electric start, automatic clutch, and 110cc motor. This is a great off-road bike that children will love and is a perfect bike for young beginning riders to learn on. For worried parents, this model now includes a throttle-limiter, which makes this bike suitable for all ages. This bike will be released in the Fall 2012.

For Honda’s most popular motocross the CRF450R features a new aluminum rolling chassis and improved suspension, engine and exhaust. The engine was tweaked for more power with a different piston, flywheel, compression ratio and valves. A new swingarm, rear shock and a redesign to the body means there was very little left unchanged. This bike will be released in September 2012.

The smaller version of the 450, the CRF250F received minor changes to the suspension and engine. A new damping circuitry front and newfork springs will deliver better bump absorption to improve tracking and handling. Also, Honda added new generation Dunlop Geomax MX51 tires to improve traction and the new version of the back tire will shave 0.9 pounds off therear wheel assembly. This bike will be released in August 2012 starting around $4,499.

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General | Honda motorcycle parts

Most needed on-the-road items

by Goldie 15. October 2011 06:02


We were making survey about what items motorcyclists are bringing with them on a road. Besides wearing personal items such as cell phone, cash, credit cards, the majority of motorcyclists are thinking about Murphy’s Law and take spare motorcycle parts more or less. According to our survey the most needed on-the-road items are mentioned down bellow. 

Tools for repairing more perishable motorcycle parts. Most of the motorcycles come with toolkits, but if you don’t have one, it would be advisable to get equipped with pliers, wrenches, wire cutters, duct tape and of course pump or CO2 cartridges ( little battery-sized cylinders that deliver a burst of pressured gas and refill tires really fast).  toolkit

Key spare motorcycle parts. It’s really good to take extra spark plugs, fuses, bulbs, chain oil on the road. You never know when a motorcycle part will break down.

First Aid Kit. You’ll never know what will happen on the road. You can get scratches, burns from the pipe and similar little accidents.

GPS. If you don’t have one already mounted on your motorcycle it’s good to have portable GPS with you. It’s really easy to get lost on the road.

Before going out on the road it’s recommended to inspect your motorcycle. First, make sure your tires are properly inflated by mounting air pressure monitor to them. Check your controls (brakes and clutch) if they work well. Checking the lights before going on the road is really essential. Make sure your headlights, turn signals and brake lights are working. And lastly check all oils and fluids; everything from engine oil to brake fluid. 


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Common motorcycle part issues at 1980 Honda CB650- Part 2

by Goldie 9. October 2011 08:40


We’ll be continuing the “1980 Honda CB50 motorcycle part issues” saga. Why? Well, it seems in many cases the previous blog post isn’t enough in resolving the motorcycle part issue. For the previous part, you can find the blog post here, "1980 Honda CB50 motorcycle part issues".


So, after the alternator, battery and gas are all checked, we should move our suspecting on other motorcycle parts:


Pulse generator - This motorcycle part could get hot and after the motorcycle goes on the road, the difference between temperatures makes it break down.   


Battery - Again we’re referring on the two spark units mounted back by the battery. If you see black emission down from the units, they may be weak.  


Spark Plugs – Connect spark plugs to the two outside cylinders and check them for spark. Notice if they look overheated from a lean condition. If it loses one coil, it could be the coil overheating or the spark unit acting up. If the spark plugs are good we’re moving on the next motorcycle part.


Vacuum hoses - Check if the vacuum hoses to the automatic fuel valve are tight. If they’re not tight, you can get vacuum leak and fuel supply loss to the carburetors.


Extra tip: Quick check your charging system by watching the headlight bulb intensity. If this light brightens up when you rev the motorcycle, than probably your motorcycle is doing okay.



Old Honda motorcycle parts: Lights issue

by Goldie 2. October 2011 11:39


Do you have really old Honda motorcycle made before 1980s? If you do and you’re trying to find old Honda motorcycle parts, you might find your solution here.

 Some guy had lights problem with his old 1979 Honda CX 500 motorcycle when turning the key and we tried to help him. Since Cycle-Parts.com is a company providing motorcycle parts produced mostly after 1980 we can’t meet our customers’ needs with really old Honda motorcycles.  

This guy’s problem more precisely was with the headlight, neutral light; tail light, blinkers and horn.

Situation no. 1. The ignition switch base could be down. Get new one and replaces it. If it works than you’re done with this issue, if not than we are going to the next step.

Situation no.2. Clean the connections to the battery, and check the fuses back by the battery and also those under the plate at the handlebars. If everything is okay than you should buy cheap 12v test light and start with the battery leads and move forward on the red and black wires with the switch on. If power is coming out of the battery connections, you should go up front to the switch and see if power is coming in and then out again. The motorcycle parts wiring diagram can be found here.