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If you choose to ride your bike during the winter, several things should be considered. 

First, make sure your bike is tuned up and ready to go.  This includes adjusting air pressure in the tires.  Lowering tire pressure provides better contact with the road.  Better contact with the road surface facilitates warming of the rubber, which aids in better grip.  

Next, be informed of the weather conditions for the area and route you will be taking.  It can be dangerous to ride on snowy roads.  Be aware of hazards such as salt laden surfaces or black ice.  The salt that is laid down to melt snowy passages can be very corrosive to exposed motorcycle parts.

Another very important aspect of winter riding is investing in some quality apparel. carries a wide variety of apparel that will keep you warm and toasty as the cold wind is upon you.  Consider having the following items on hand for that brisk commute or trip.

Balaclava/Facemasks - These can usually be worn under a helmet and provide much needed insulation.  Most of our heat exits from our head and feet so using something of this nature is crucial, especially in extremely cold environments.

Gloves - Although some may choose not to wear gloves when the weather is warmer, it is a good idea to don a pair when riding a motorcycle during winter.  When our hands are exposed to the cold for long periods, the muscles do not react as quickly or effectively.  Just make sure the gloves you purchase allow you to grip the handlebars without restricting your movement.

Jackets & Pants - We carry a plethora of jackets and pants that provide insulation, water resistance and armor protection.  You could also consider a heated jacket liner or heated gloves for additional warmth.

Boots & Socks - As stated earlier, most body heat leaves through the head and feet.  It is essential to preserve that heat while riding through winter weather.  Boots made especially for colder temperatures as well as specialized socks are available in our store.  Also, boot covers can be purchased that insulate and protect your current boots.  This may save some money as opposed to buying a whole new pair for the season.

Riding in the winter does not come without its risk or preparation, but if you take the time to get your bike and yourself in gear, you will enjoy riding that much more as a result.

Happy Riding and Stay Warm!

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