Really old Honda motorcycle parts - where do I get it?

by Goldie 24. August 2011 07:45

Do you have really old Honda motorcycle made before 1980s? If you do and you’re trying to find old Honda motorcycle parts, you might find your solution here.

Some guy had a problem with finding aftermarket motorcycle parts and we tried to help him. Since is a company providing Honda motorcycle parts produced mostly after 1980 we can’t meet our customers’ needs with really old Honda motorcycles.   

This guy’s problem was linked with the connectors between the air filter and the carburetors. He was desperate to find out if he could find connectors that will suite his motorcycle the most. We’re talking about 1975 Honda cb200t motorcycle.

So here’s the answer: such connectors Honda is not producing anymore, unfortunately.  But you can look for aftermarket motorcycle parts (really hard to find) or you can try to build up or patch the old ones with some goop adhesive.  

Last thing you can try to do is to find other Honda motorcycle parts such as pod type filters but they will need you to increase your carburetors main and idle jet sizes, plus the motorcycle will need increasing the fuel mixture.

If you’re looking for other aftermarket motorcycle parts, you can check our aftermarket motorcycle parts section in which you can search by motorcycle type/brand or by motorcycle parts category.  


S & S X-Wedge for Harley Davidson

by Admin 31. October 2010 15:03

The most famous manufacturer of Harley Davidson
aftermarket motorcycle parts has a new product, called the aggregate X-Wedge. As in the USA standards for pollution and noise are also increasingly stringent, soon to existing generators will not be possible to adapt.

Four years of work on a new project, in my opinion it was very successful. Aggregate still has the distinctive V shape, and still is a special set of gear, motorcycle still has a dry sump. The sound is also distinctive, although a little more current. I think this is a better combination of tradition (so important for Harley Davison).
General details:
·       V2-56 degrees
·       3 camshafts in the block driven toothed belt (due to less noise)
·       3-valves per cylinder - 1 intake, 2 exhaust
·       Electronic fuel injection – suction line (fuel injector and intake valve) is set perpendicular to the line of the exhaust (exhaust valve). These two axes are meant the letter X and so is where the name generator.
·       Noise less than traditional generators 5db S & S 117cubic inch in the range 2000-5000 rpm
·       Offer volume was 110-139 cubic inch (1800-2000 cc)                 

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