Lubrication and cleaning of motorcycle chain

by Angel 31. October 2010 14:43

Brief text about the cleaning and maintenance of the chain for long life and good performance.
1. For beginners: probably lubricates your chain too!
O-ring chain is needed much less attention (of lubrication two to three times a week) and if it is not O-ring chain, it is not necessary to excessively lubricated. Lubrication approximately every 450 km is quite satisfactory for a road bike under normal conditions.
2. Ideally it would clean the chain if the chain is removed from the motorcycle, but it is, of course, quite impractical. Instead, clean the chain using a toothbrush and remove layers of dirt as much as possible.

3. For the next step you would use a spray recommended by the manufacturer of your O-ring chain, kerosene or any other solvent-based oil. When you soak the chain, let it rest for 15 minutes.

4. Clean the chain with solvent and using a dish brush. If deposits are still firmly hold the, let it dissolves impurities still some time. Did not remove dirt with a good O-rings on the force, but it is important to them well brushing. This is a perfect time to check the condition of your chain!

5. After you have successfully cleaned the chain, a good wipe solvent. It would be desirable warm chain, so that the oil is well accepted for all surfaces. This can be achieved using short she managed or hair dryer.

6. Warm chain spray inside the inner and outer connected lines.

Any lubricants on the outside arrange will soon start in the first run.
With cloths carefully wipe excess oil and you’re ready to run.

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Tips for old Honda motorcycles

by Goldie 31. May 2010 07:14


We will drive little back in time. The accent will be put on old Honda motorcycle parts and resolving issues connected with 1985 Honda Goldwing Aspencade

-      Problem with lights when the motorcycle is idling.

The lights could dim when you have problem with the battery. Replace the battery first. If the problem is still here, check the connections between the battery and the alternator - motorcycle part that charges the battery. The alternator needs input voltage to excite itself, so the battery needs to be working before it will charge.  A regulator decides how much current is put into the alternator to get the right output.  First check all connections, and the battery itself.

-      Problem with turn signals when start moving.

The front wheel sensor can affect both speedometer readings and apparently the self-canceling turnsignals. If the relay, sensor or other control modules are faulty, it may result in problem with turn signals.

-      Problem with brakes.

First thing you should do is to bleed the brakes and get the air out. If that fixes it, and there are no leaks, then you're done. If you've still got problems at that point, then you can start looking at rebuilding Honda motorcycle parts.


Hope that these tips were useful in order to repair and resolve problems that occurred with your loving Honda motorcycle. 




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