Cool winter motorcycle accessories

by Goldie 14. December 2010 15:21


That’s right! Winter is here! We are here to suggest you some really cool motorcycle accessories which will offer you maximum protection from the cruel winter weather conditions. Yes I know there are summer-only-motorcyclists but please allow us to convince you to ride your motorcycle during winter.

Let us start from the top, head protection:

For those motorcyclists still using half and open face helmets, please watch out your sinuses! It’s cold out there! Full face helmets are for winter time for sure! There are additional accessories that can work out too like helmet shields, chin bars and breath deflectors. Also if you enjoy long rides helmet headsets are here to make your ride more fun! goggles

Extra idea for those motorcyclists with open face and half helmets – try to use goggles and face masks – by using it you can save some money and health if you don’t like buying brand new full face helmet.

Next: body protection:

Try to find extra wind and cold protective jackets! This accessory is extremely important to your health!

If you are keen to ride your bike on extreme winter conditions like snow – you should buy those Polaris Snow Pants.

Winter Gloves differ from the normal motorcycle gloves. You should ask for extra water/snow/wind proof gloves to do good protective job.

Okay, we might borrow some accessories from the snowmobile department but that doesn’t stop us to use it as motorcycle accessories.

Holidays are here, motorcycle accessories are great gift for your adrenaline addicted cousins/friends. If you buy gifts for 100$ and over you can even save 10% by using the coupon code happyholidays.


Useful motorcycle accessories

by Goldie 7. November 2010 03:59

Speaking about different motorcycle issues so far forced us to learn many motorcycle parts in general. But today we decided to talk about motorcycle accessories, not any motorcycle accessories but those useful ones, for example ear plugs.


Those motorcycle riders who haven’t been using ear plugs can notice on themselves that their hearing is drastically reduced during their motorcycle careers.


Wearing ear plugs can save your ears in future for sure but sometimes can be real problem for motorcyclists. For example when stopping on by, you should turn out the ear plugs in order to speak with people. That gives you extra time and complexity while you are on road trip. Also you must pay attention to the hygiene; your hands must be clean before putting ear plugs in your ears.


So far the good experience with this motorcycle accessory is popular when going on longer trips. It’s not so practical wearing ear plugs on short destinations, like going to market, work etc.


Ear plugs doesn’t give you complete silence, you can still hear what’s going on around you. The noise of your motorcycle is much smoother than before and gives you additional feeling of pleasantness.


At the bottom line these motorcycle accessories are great to have doesn’t matter if it’s good for your health or giving you extra comfortable feeling on the road.

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Motorcycle helmet buying tips

by Goldie 12. September 2010 05:17

helmetAs a new motorcycle rider, you would probably lead yourself by beauty when choosing motorcycle helmet. The esthetics side of the helmet is important when showing off or complying with your motorcycle’s color but protective side has the highest priority when buying helmet. Consulting with experienced motorcyclists here are several motorcycle helmet buying tips:


  • D.O.T. standard. Buying a motorcycle helmet that meets D.O.T. standard assures you that the helmet will perform: soaking up significant amount of impact energy, preventing most penetration, fastening system that will resist significant force.
  • Retention. The helmet should stay well on your head when you get off unexpectedly. You should check if the helmet you are trying on will stay on your head using simple test. When fastening the strap you should feel some force on your chin and when grabbing the rear of the helmet try to lift it up. The test is passed if you could not to be able to get the helmet off.
  • Size. When buying helmet try several sizes and test it which one will perform the best. It doesn’t mean that you wear one size because there is discrepancy between different brands.
  • Type. There is huge difference when buying helmet for dirt bike or street motorcycle.


At the end we must mention that motorcyclist feel reluctant to wearing helmets, but wearing helmets while driving is number one rule to save own life.