Motorcycle helmet buying tips

by Goldie 12. September 2010 05:17

helmetAs a new motorcycle rider, you would probably lead yourself by beauty when choosing motorcycle helmet. The esthetics side of the helmet is important when showing off or complying with your motorcycle’s color but protective side has the highest priority when buying helmet. Consulting with experienced motorcyclists here are several motorcycle helmet buying tips:


  • D.O.T. standard. Buying a motorcycle helmet that meets D.O.T. standard assures you that the helmet will perform: soaking up significant amount of impact energy, preventing most penetration, fastening system that will resist significant force.
  • Retention. The helmet should stay well on your head when you get off unexpectedly. You should check if the helmet you are trying on will stay on your head using simple test. When fastening the strap you should feel some force on your chin and when grabbing the rear of the helmet try to lift it up. The test is passed if you could not to be able to get the helmet off.
  • Size. When buying helmet try several sizes and test it which one will perform the best. It doesn’t mean that you wear one size because there is discrepancy between different brands.
  • Type. There is huge difference when buying helmet for dirt bike or street motorcycle.


At the end we must mention that motorcyclist feel reluctant to wearing helmets, but wearing helmets while driving is number one rule to save own life.

May-Motorcycle Safety Awareness month

by Goldie 9. May 2010 03:54

The purpose of this Motorcycle Safety Awareness month is to increase motorcyclists’ awareness in order to practice better habits while driving on the road. This month is also indented to those people not motorcyclists who support initiatives surrounding Motorcycle Safety.   How can you contribute for better Motorcycle Safety Awareness month?

  • Try to minimize your own personal risk and encourage others to do the same by extolling the benefits of wearing the right safety gear, especially a helmet!
  • Be properly trained - Whether you've never ridden or are returning to the road after taking a few years off, training is beneficial. Are you from California? The CHP strongly encourages all riders to sign up for the California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) before beginning to ride. CMSP offers the Basic RiderCourse for beginning motorcyclists and Experienced RiderCourses for riders who are interested in improving their skills. Also, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers curriculum that will prepare you with concepts for operating your motorcycle safely. It’s a great foundation for learning.
  • Don’t drink and ride. Don’t put yourself and others at risk! Think twice if you want to drink, don’t take your motorcycle!
  • Check your bike if it’s in safety working order. If it’s not, check your motorcycle parts.
  •  New rider? Leave the passenger at home for a while. You don’t know what you’re doing yet.
  • Don’t ride tired. Same as battery low at mobile phones, you’re not functioning well when you’re not slept well.
  • Check your speed! Respect the traffic signs! 

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