Most needed on-the-road items

by Goldie 15. October 2011 06:02


We were making survey about what items motorcyclists are bringing with them on a road. Besides wearing personal items such as cell phone, cash, credit cards, the majority of motorcyclists are thinking about Murphy’s Law and take spare motorcycle parts more or less. According to our survey the most needed on-the-road items are mentioned down bellow. 

Tools for repairing more perishable motorcycle parts. Most of the motorcycles come with toolkits, but if you don’t have one, it would be advisable to get equipped with pliers, wrenches, wire cutters, duct tape and of course pump or CO2 cartridges ( little battery-sized cylinders that deliver a burst of pressured gas and refill tires really fast).  toolkit

Key spare motorcycle parts. It’s really good to take extra spark plugs, fuses, bulbs, chain oil on the road. You never know when a motorcycle part will break down.

First Aid Kit. You’ll never know what will happen on the road. You can get scratches, burns from the pipe and similar little accidents.

GPS. If you don’t have one already mounted on your motorcycle it’s good to have portable GPS with you. It’s really easy to get lost on the road.

Before going out on the road it’s recommended to inspect your motorcycle. First, make sure your tires are properly inflated by mounting air pressure monitor to them. Check your controls (brakes and clutch) if they work well. Checking the lights before going on the road is really essential. Make sure your headlights, turn signals and brake lights are working. And lastly check all oils and fluids; everything from engine oil to brake fluid. 


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