Let me introduce you the new Concours 14 Kawasaki Street bike!

by Goldie 7. May 2010 04:21

If you are fan of Kawasaki Street bikes or you would like to purchase new one, here are thoughts on some enhanced comfort and safety elements of our new gorgeous Concours 14 Kawasaki Street bike:

  • Reflectors are reshaped and they are 40mm higher than the previous Concour 14 model   hence provides better back view.
  • Windshield is 70mm taller and wider therefore provides better wind protection than the previous version.  Also has new operating system as well, still electronic, but it has new memory feature that remembers the last position of your windscreen last time youve turned off.
  • The glove box is moved to the left hand side unlike in the previous model when it was on the top of the tank
  • Grip warm up feature - the rider can choose between different levels of warming the grip in colder weather riding
  • KTRC button  Kawasaki traction control button that works with wheel rotation sensors used to detect differences in front and rear wheel speed (ABS version only)
  • New exceptionally safe braking system where the last year new voyager technology is incorporated
  • New safety system  Your new Kawasaki Street Bike will be safe if you leave the key on the motorcycle and take only the transponder with you

Now you have read about Concours 14 enhancements and if you are financially equipped you can buy one for around $14.500. For those with old Concours, you can always replace old motorcycle parts with new ones.

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