How to clean rusted motorcycle fuel tank

by Goldie 23. July 2010 05:31

Cleaning a rusted motorcycle fuel tank can be quite a challenge.  Consulting people who have been working on motorcycles, we realized that there can be several interesting ways of cleaning fuel tank:

  1. First dump all fuel from the tank. Than ½ jar of naval jelly dissolve in 2 liter bottle of water and let it sit 24h in the tank. After it unload the naval jelly from the tank and wash it with fresh water. The next step is to dissolve ½ cup of baking soda in 2 liter bottle of water which should be put in the tank and let it sit for 2h. At last, clean the soda and let it rinse from it with fresh water. You should be careful with this method because if the tank has rust completely, it might eat a hole in the tank which means it’s time for new fuel tank anyway (order at motorcycle parts).
  2. Use steel wool and elbow grease on mine. Than a vacuum to get most of the residue out followed by rinsing with gasoline which was filtered using a coffee filter and run through again until it came out clean.
  3. Put various things like nuts and bolts or pennies in the tank and shake the tank and rinse water to loosen and flush out the dirt and rust until the water comes out clean. After that use chemical cleaners like lime-away or diluted hydrochloric acid to remove the remaining rust down to shinny metal
  4. Use rusteco – natural citric cleaner that attacks only rust, not metal, not custom paint, not your skin. Completely environmental friendly.


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