Common issues with Suzuki motorcycle parts

by Goldie 17. November 2010 01:55


Every motorcycle brand has its own uniqueness. Today we will talk about common problems that happened with Suzuki motorcycle parts at diverse range of Suzuki motorcycles.


Installing a clutch at 1996 Suzuki RM 125s. The most common question that comes up during this kind of work is asking about bolts and springs and their tightening to specific torque.  If the bolts are 8mm, the torque spec is about 8-29 depending on the grade of bolt.


Carburetors reinstall at 1982 Suzuki GS-650GL. This common problem with Suzuki motorcycle parts happens when taking the carburetors out and trying to get it back in. There are rubber connectors that go between the carburetors and engine connected to the engine. Installing this should be done easily, but the problem can occur with rubber connectors that go to the air box and when trying to slide the whole assembly into the space between the engine and frame. Most motorcyclists are trying to hook the carburetors to the engine and front boot, but they couldn’t get the air box boot to go in. The simple answer to this is is to replace the boots with new ones. It seems that the air boxes are often installed before the engines are placed into the frames at the factory.


Electrical issue with 2000 Suzuki VS800 Intruder. Having this kind of electrical problem is equal to not be able to start your motorcycle at all. Maybe the motorcycle’s light will give you little hope by responding few seconds, but let us explain further. To eliminate if the batteries are good – hook the charger. Also check out the fuses. If everything is good – clean the battery terminals.


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