Honda motorcycle parts that affect the ignition system

by Goldie 15. January 2011 06:01


There are lots of people called motorcycle junkies. This type of junkies does crazy things when buying motorcycle. I have a friend that recently bought non-running 1985 Honda VT1100 Shadow! Why? Because he’s motorcycle junkie and love to resolve complicated motorcycle issues while having huge motorcycle fleet and motorcycle parts scattered around him.

Let’s start my friend’s Honda motorcycle parts dismantling story. Problem:  Old Honda motorcycle not getting any spark therefore non-running bike at disposal. History: Previous owner said that the motorcycle just simply stopped running one day.  Motorcycle parts that affect the whole ignition system:


1.   All four plugs are dead at the same time.


2.   Ignition switch. By having CDI ignitions, the start switch grounds the sparks out in OFF position rather than opening a circuit.


3.   CDI module control. Before/after testing it you should check wiring connector carefully. The CDI module control is really time/money consuming if you’re not mellow motorcyclist - manual and testing equipment needed.


4.   Kill button on the handlebars. Corrosion could mess up with the switch or the contacts are wearing out from the vibration. Again after this examination, check out the wirings to and from the handlebar switch.


5.   Side stand button should be checked if it works correctly. Make sure if it’s clean and tight.


6.   Pulsar unit is the motorcycle part next to the flywheel. It produces timing signals to the rest of the ignition system. Bad wire could be a cause for non-responsive motorcycle.


These Honda motorcycle parts should be checked when having old dead Honda motorcycle and you might resurrect your new bought motorcycle from the dead. Good luck!



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How to bring dead Kawasaki motorcycle in life?

How to bring dead Kawasaki motorcycle in life?

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