Motorcycle parts common problems

by Goldie 6. February 2011 07:17


After doing comparison on what kind of problems at motorcycle parts would be common. Here are few that caught our attention:

Old non-running motorcycle sitting outside.  We already have been talking about motorcycle parts intervention  when power is off  previously, but let’s look at this problem from a different angle:  After cleaning the gas tank, carburetor and changing the spark plug and fluids the motorcycle could work but after a while the engine would cut off.  If we are talking about Kawasaki dirt bike good idea is to check the valve clearance. If none of the valves are too tight then it might be a sticky valve.  For this run ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) or top end fuel additive in the fuel. Motorcycle parts Tip: Often sputtering is a lack of fuel but a spark plug reading should tell. Black is too much fuel and light color mean lean or hot fuel mixtures.

Backfire out of pipes.  Some motorcycle guys would try to replace all spark plugs and I’m sure their backfire would remain the same.  The backfire is probably unburned fuel lighting off in the exhaust system, after fuel fouling the spark plugs.  Also it could be a failed air cut valve diaphragm. Few motorcycle part checks can be done: check the pulse generators in the stator at the connectors with an OHM meter (if both read the same, than they are okay), check the air cut valve first if it’s on that carburetor and check the first fouled spark plug’s cylinder is attached to.

That’s all for today, soon there will be more common motorcycle part problems. 


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