by Rean 18. July 2012 07:40

When riding a motorcycle one of the most important things you should have is the proper helmet. Helmet requirements vary from state to state but very important in the safety of motorcyclist. The US Department of Transportation has issued requirements that will certify helmets after they pass a series of tests.  When you shop for a helmet make sure it has the DOT logo which means it is designed for impact protection, penetration protection and retention.

Helmets have save thousands of lives. According to NHTSA studies have shown that a motorcycle operator has a 37% and a passenger has a 41% great chance of surviving a motorcycle accident when wearing a helmet.

When making a purchase make sure the helmet fits snug. You should fill the padding against the front and top of your head. The helmet should fit tight enough that it can’t be pulled off easily.  Many helmets can also be purchased with adjustable padding to make it fit properly.

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