by Rean 18. December 2012 12:48

If you live in an area that has cold, wintery weather, it is a good idea to store your bike if you don’t plan on riding it.  Here are some steps to help you through the process:

1)  Picking a proper place to store your ride is key.  Usually a smooth, dry, level place inside away from the elements is best.

2)  Take your bike out for one last ride before storing to heat the engine up.  This burns off engine condensation and heats the oil up which will make the oil change you are about to perform more effective.  Also, at the end of your ride add some gasoline stabilizer and fill the tank completely with fuel.  The stabilizer will keep sludge from forming while the bike is stored.

3)  Perform an oil and filter change while your bike is still warm.  Damage could result to your engine if you do not complete this step.  In addition, check all fluid levels.

4)  Place your bike on a centerstand or a pair of bike stands for storage if you have them. 

5)  Remove the spark plugs in order to spray fogging oil into the cylinders so that the rings do not stick. Start up the bike for a short time to coat the cylinder walls.  Reinstall the plugs taking care not to cross-thread them.  Using anti-sieze on the plugs to protect the threads is helpful.

6)  Apply a small amount of WD40 into each exhaust pipe after they have cooled down then cover them to keep moisture out during storage.  It’s a good idea to cover the air box’s intake(s) as well.  Make sure the method of covering both the exhaust and air intake(s) makes for an airtight seal.


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